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You know that a writer’s in real trouble when they resort to writing about writing. And# when they start running creative writing courses you know then that they are really deep in the smelly brown stuff !”
# Can I start a sentence with an “and”. Of course, ‘cos it’s my “torts”!

# What’s the difference between a writer and a family pizza?

The pizza can feed a family of four…or one starving  writer munching on a carrot in his garret.

Creative Writing Course


Creative Writing Course (online NZ): How to Write Creatively


Creative Writing Course (online NZ): How to Write Creatively

A new book based on the “original” New Zealand Eagle Productions online Creative Writing Course, together with lessons and assignments

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How to Write Creatively?

Ever wanted to write? A short story or perhaps even a book? Is there a talent for creative writing within you? How do you know if there is? Do you have some interesting experiences to share, your life story perhaps? A brand new book (in progress – being written “on the go” *) about a writing journey: the story of the origins of the “original” Creative Writing Course (online) from1997/1998. Also including the actual lessons# (just it first appeared on the www in 1997/8, which you can do in your own time to practically improve your writing skills.

“I know when a writer’s in trouble….when he resorts to writing about writing.”

– novelist Guy Ableman to his agent Doesn’t sound very exciting (or promising for me) then… does it!


“Everyone has some talent. What’s rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads.” ― Erica Jong , author of Fear of Flying

Unleash those creative talents within you. This is your chance to begin.

Creative Writing Course (book cover)